Pro Audio Services LLC


Pro Audio Services provides both warranty and non warranty services.  We provide non warranty services for most manufacturers of professional audio equipment*.  If you do not see a manufacturer listed on this site just give us a call and ask.
We provide warranty service for these specific manufacturers:

All affiliates of American Music & Sound including but not limited to Allen & Heath, Vestax, Focusrite, Novation, Xone
U.S. Music Corporation affiliates including Marshall, Randall & Eden 
Harman - Soundcraft/Amek, JBL, Crown, DBX, DigiTech

Non Warranty Repair services provided for most manufacturers including but not limited to the following:

Neve, ATR, Mackie, Peavey, API, Roland, Yamaha, Behringer/Bugera, Fender, Neumann, Korg, Duran, Hafler, KV2, Alesis, Sony, Tascam/Teac (Professional units only - No consumer products) and many others.

*We provide repair services for professional audio equipment only.  We do not repair consumer audio equipment like stereos, stereo receivers, Radio Wave Transmitters or most small consumer type speakers (e.g. JBL Flip3), CD Recorders & Players


We charge a non refundable $50 bench fee due prior to the initiation of service.  The bench fee includes diagnostic evaluation, research with manufacturers, schematic acquisition and parts availability as necessary.  Actual repair is billed by the hour and is in addition to the bench fee.  We do not require a bench fee for wiring services.   
  • Repairs: $75.00 per/hr 
  • Rush Repair: $95.00 per/hr (repair will be completed within 48 business hours providing that parts are available and customer is willing to use overnight shipping)

  • Consulting: $70.00 per/hr
  • Wiring Design & Installation (in Studio) : $70.00 per/hr
  • Acoustic Design & Installation: $80.00 per/hr

  • Custom wiring / cable builds, Wiring mods & repairs (in shop): $50.00 per/hr

  • Travel charges outside the Denver metro area $45.00 per/hr

Check out the pictures below to see some of the equipment we service/repair along with some of the types of projects we work on
You know who you are so don't try to hide those ugly cabling issues anymore.  Contact us to clean them up for you!

Just when you thought you'd never find someone to service or repair your legacy tape machine, never fear Allen is here!  Allen is one of the only technicians left in the state who services them.  2 track, 4 track, 8 track, 16 track, 24 track we can do them all.  Don't throw it away or give up on it.  Bring it in and let us refurbish it for you!   

Mixing consoles big, small and everything in between!  We ain't afraid bring it in!   We can even come to you for those consoles that won't exactly fit in a brief case! 

Need a new studio, an update of your current one?  We can help!  We can act strictly as a consultant on your project or we can design and install it.  Everything from acoustics, cabling and software installation.  You name it we can do it!  Allen has designed and installed countless studios for everyone from highly successful and famous musicians to us common folk with a home studio.   Give us a call and we'll help you make your dream studio come to life! 

Transformers, Capacitors, and Tubes oh my!  If you can't find it, Allen may be able to design and build exactly what you need or even modify what you already have.

Speaker blown, subwoofer not woofing, Amp not Amping, keyboard had one too many Harvey Wallbangers?   We have got the prescription for whatever ails your professional equipment.  Ship it to us, drive it to us or perhaps bring it by a horse drawn carriage.  Give us a chance to demonstrate our expertise, integrity and our genuine love for what we do.  We won't let you down!  

Below just a couple examples of some Digital cables we have built for our customers.  Call us and let us know what you need.  We will build whatever you need, of any size and style from Digital to Analog, Power to Ethernet and everything in between!  

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