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About Pro Audio Services

Allen Baca is the owner of the company and has provided technical services in professional audio for over 30
years.  We work hard at providing exceptional service with the utmost integrity.  Our goal is to make you happy with our workmanship and your gear.  We understand the investment you've made in your gear and we aim to make sure you can use it to its fullest capabilities!   

As a result of the years we have been in this business we have many expert resources and contacts at our disposal.  This makes it possible for us to resolve even the most complex issues.  While rare, we can't always fix everything.  If that occurs you can have confidence we will always be upfront and honest with you. 

We have expertise in refurbishing large format high end consoles such as API Trident, SSL, Amek, Soundcraft.  In addition, Vintage outboard gear like  Fairchild 670 UREI 1176 , LA2A , LA3 etc. and vintage microphones.

We repair and maintain many analog tape machines.  Everything from cassette to 2" 24 track recorders  including but not limited to:  Alesis,
 Ampex, Studer, Otari, Tascam, Sony. 

We have expert knowledge in both Tube and Solid State Amplifier repair and service.  We routinely work on QSC, Fender, Crown, Hafler, VOX and Peavey just to name a few.

We can build, modify and repair all types and sizes of audio interface cables including Digital, Analog, Ethernet, Multi-Pair with various connectors and Power Cables.   

Beyond what has been mentioned we repair and service all professional audio equipment including: speakers and reconing, electronic keyboards, power supplies, digital equipment, DJ equipment, cables, all types of professional recording equipment and the list goes on.  More than likely if you have it we can fix it!  

In addition to professional audio repair and service we also design & install recording studios from small home recording studios to large professional studios.  We can also design and install sound/acoustic abatement  for your home or office area.  We have designed and installed acoustic solutions for everything from ISO Booths, Dental/Medical Offices, Home Living Areas to Large Open Office Spaces.  We would love to help you with your project big or small.  

Meet our wide eyed fearless leader, Allen Baca.  Allen's career began in 1976 after serving in the military.  Prior to starting his own business, Pro Audio Services, he provided audio technical services for countless concerts, television shows and videos including 7 Superbowls.  He has worked with numerous professional musicians including Dan Folgelburg, Van Halen , Joe Satriani , Metalica and the SFSO.  One of the more recent projects he is honored to have been part of was the design and installation of the nations first youth media studio for Youth on Record in Denver in 2015.   Youth on Record provides music education to at risk youth.  Be sure to check them out at: and give a donation if you can to a VERY worthwhile cause!

Allen's expertise and craftsmanship have been recognized with many awards including but not limited to a Golden Reel award for his work on Neil Young - UNPLUGGED, 1991-1992 Prime Time Emmy Award for "Outstanding individual achievement in Sound Mixing for a variety or music series or a special" for his work on Unforgettable, with Love: Natalie Cole sings the songs of Nat King Cole  Great Performances.

Meet Danny Giltinan our super star audio technician.  Before joining our team Danny spent a decade as a professional live sound mixer.  As a teenager he spent hours wiring guitars, building custom cables, modifying tube amps etc. so it was destiny that he would finally land here with us focusing on the technical end of the spectrum!  In his spare time he plays guitar and still does sound mixing for various events including most recently the Susan G Coleman Race for the Cure in Denver and the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko Nevada.
Last but definitely not least meet Hilary Trotter.  She is our illustrious office manager.  When you call our office she is generally the person who you will be talking to.  Prior to joining the team she had a long career in IT but decided to change gears and try something new.  Because her husband is a professional musician our team hit the mark for her.  At a minimum she can now finally talk to him in a language he understands!
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